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Mechanisms of behavior

Inherited behavior
     :: Orientation
     :: Reflex
     :: Chain of Reflex
Learned Behavior
     :: Habituation
     :: Imprinting
     :: Trial and Error
     :: Conditioning
     :: Reasoning

๐ Behavior and development of the nervous system

Animal communication behavior
     :: visual communication
     :: sound communication
     :: touch communication
     :: chemical communication



Learned behavior

         learned behavior will not occur. If an animal does not have a learning or experienced before.Because Learned behavior is behavior that is more complex and therefore mainly found in higher vertebrates, the nervous system has developed to increase opportunities for learning more.However, in some of the lower animals could express the behavior this category.

The difference between the Inherited behavior and Learned behavior.


Inherited behavior

Learned behavior

Expression of behavior

Behavior without having to learn as a result of gene control.

Behavior will not have to experience that ever happened to my life at least once or have studied in the past. From genes control the development of expertise in a wide range of skills through experience.

Patterns of behavior

There are certain formats (Fix action pattern) beings of the same species are expressed in response to the same stimuli and the same event.

Expressed in a wide range depending on experience, awareness and growth of the nervous system. beings of the same species may respond to the same stimuli or events can vary depending on the growth of the nervous system and the experience of life itself.


         For example, all toads eat insects as food behaviors are innate. If toads eat insects such as bees, a bee sting that turns out to be a toad learn not to eat bees. Due to a bees sting

          - The behavior of toads eat insects of all kinds. Behavior is inborn.
          - The behavior of bees, toads did not eat much because I got a bee sting is a learned behavior.

 Learned behavior can be divided into the following types.
               ๐ Habituation
               ๐ Imprinting
               ๐ Trial and Error
               ๐ Conditioning
               ๐ Reasoning


By Ms.Nuntena Sompoa teachers Pathumratchawongsa school.
Amnatcharoen Province